Page Load Problems & Solutions . . .


This information is provided as a courtesy to any visitor who encounters one or more of the many browser, monitor or page load problems experienced while surfing the Internet.


If you experience page load and view difficulties, here's the most likely explanation: Most older browser versions are simply not as advanced as the HTML produced by most of the new web design and publishing software available today, or the hi-tech servers that host those websites. 


Most page load and view problems are caused by older browsers inability to properly support cascading style sheets, absolute or relative positioning, animations and movement including Shockwave Flash. The very technology that makes web pages interesting and fun.


New web design software HTML technology is only very marginally supported by Netscape. Most new and interesting web features can NOT be viewed properly using Netscape. Users experience problems viewing re-sized gif files, animations, Flash, custom placement, forms, automatic features, etc. There is much higher support with Internet Explorer 4.x, while newer IE versions offer the best. 


Even the most current versions of Netscape will NOT properly and consistently support ActiveX controls or VBScript.  The next oldest Netscape versions will NOT support Dynamic HTML, Page or Web Formatting and Positioning, and the oldest Netscape versions, (2.xx and older) support almost nothing within current or new technology.


If you are experiencing difficulties with proper page load and view, and can't see all pages, including Flash presentations, or you are having any other difficulties, you can download the most current Internet Explorer for free!


  Click the Internet Explorer icon for a free download.


If you experience page fit difficulties, reset your text size under the view tab, located at the top left, of your browser, and set your display settings, in Control panel, to 800x600


Other consistent problem sources include older monitors &  CPUs, hardware and software not properly installed, non-current operating system versions & MOST OFTEN incorrect Internet Settings, which you can modify in the Control Panel.


ALSO Please Note that all computer systems retain web pages in memory, based on individual control panel settings. You may need to Refresh. If you REFRESH and you do not see changes, you will probably have to change your internet settings.


For tips on how to accomplish this, check your users manual, click the help tab at the top of your browser, or please consult a technician.

AOL users please note: When you are on AOL, you are NOT actually on the Internet unless you specifically minimize your AOL screen, and then access the Web via your choice of browsers.